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Katoen Natie is a multinational economic group of Belgian origin. The Katoen Natie group is one one of the main port and logistics operators in the world today.

Since 2001 Katoen Natie has been the concessionaire of the specialized container terminal of the Port of Montevideo, operating as Terminal Cuenca del Plata (TCP), in association with the Uruguayan National Port Authority (Administración Nacional de Puertos).

Katoen Natie 80%

Administración Nacional de Puertos 20%
Katoen Natie Globally

Katoen Natie manages and operates TCP; their expertise and advanced technology help to optimize costs and reduce operating times.

Around the globe the Katoen Natie group is operating directly in every part of the logistics chain: container storage, storage of goods, distribution, shipment and transportation. The group is present in over 20 countries around the world.

With operations reaching a volume of 170 million tons per year, Katoen Natie has developed a specialization in logistics for the production process and sales, which has made the company the logistics operator of leading enterprises in the automotive and petrochemical industries, and a reference in the industry of global logistics.

Currently Katoen Natie has 115 port terminals and logistics platforms, and annual sales of one billion US dollars.
Katoen Natie in Uruguay

Since 1996 the Belgian company Katoen Natie has been present in Uruguay, actively participating in the projects of Zonamerica and Costa Oriental as main shareholder in these companies.


Costa Oriental

In 2001 the Uruguayan government opened a tender for the concession of the specialized container terminal of the Port of Montevideo. Katoen Natie was granted that concession, becoming an associate of the Uruguayan National Port Authority (ANP).
Katoen Natie Terminal Cuenca del Plata is fully managed and operated by the Katoen Natie Group, with 80% of the shares in this endeavor, while the remaining 20 % is owned by ANP.