1) What documents do I need to retrieve my merchandise from the Logistics Warehouse 1668?

1- ANP’s Work Order
2- DUA (Customs Document)
3- Cargo fee payment.

All this information plus invoicing information (name of company and RUT) must be sent to

2) How do I know if I can get my merchandise?

1- You must have confirmation from the corresponding cargo agent.
2- You must have paid the gate out fee (the cost will vary according to the different cargo agents).

3) How do I contact the Logistics Warehouse?

Contact or by phone 2915-85-56, extensions 2226 and 2227

4) Who do I contact for claims involving receipts and/or invoices associated to the merchandise in the Logistics Warehouse?

Contact or by phone 2915-85-56, extensions 2258 and 2259

5) Who must I contact to inspect the cargo?

Contact or by phone 2915-85-56, extensions 2258 and 2259

6) What are the working hours of the Empties Gate and until what time do they receive the documents?

Empties Gate working hours: 7 am to 11 pm. Documents are received until 10:45 pm.

7) What mail or extension can I use if I have problems with the documents for Empty Containers?

Contact 2915-85-56 extensions: 2274/2277/2438, or by mail:

8) What mail or extension can I use if the containers are damaged?

Contact 2915-85-56 extensions: 2266/2269, or by mail: tcp.m&

9) Are empty containers inspected coming in and out of TCP?

Yes. After the inspection TCP will issue an EIR signed by a TCP representative and the truck driver retrieving the container, in agreement with the contents of the document.

10) When does a container need IMO cleaning and where must I send the responsibility message?

When the last cargo in the container was IMO cargo, the container needs IMO cleaning.
If the container seems clean, there is no need for IMO cleaning. If there are signs of filth or odor, even when there is a certificate for the container, it needs IMO cleaning.
About the commitment to pay, if needed, it must be sent by a responsible party to

11) Can I select the container when I retrieve an empty unit?

Any selection and/or inspection of units that generates extra moves will generate additional costs. Once those costs are accepted by the customer, he can approve or reject the empty units.

12) What e-mail or phone extension should I use if there are problems concerning empty units?

You can call 2915-85-56 extensions 2464 or 2264, or write an e-mail to

13) Is there a charge to return an empty unit?

TCP charges the shipping lines directly for reception and delivery of empties. To receive an empty container, the truck driver must submit a document issued by the shipping agency stating that the unit is paid up to date.

14) At what moment does TCP start charging container storage?

It depends on the type of container (IMO, reefer, OOG, or standard dry box) and on its status (import/export/transshipment).

15) When does TCP start charging container storage?

The additional charge for IMO storage (only the additional charge) and over-dimensioned containers have no free storage days.
Regular import containers are given three free storage days. After these days run out the container must pay storage for the whole period, including those first three days.
Regular export containers are also given three free storage days, and after they run out they only pay storage from the fourth day on.

16) What is the charge for direct container discharge?

The surcharge (additional cost) for direct discharge is 310 US dollars.

17) What is the charge for IMO cleaning?

It is 518.28 US dollars.

18) How do I get my invoice after an on-line payment?

Invoices are sent automatically via e-mail. You can also get a copy of the invoice with your web user 24 working hours after making the payment.

19) What charges can I pay on line?

Terminal charges for imports and exports.
For questions, please contact or by phone: 2915-85-56 extensions 2258 or 2259

20) Who do I contact for booking errors when making on-line export payments?

– Booking unknown: please contact the agency. This means that TCP did not receive the booking.
– Booking complete: please contact or by phone 2915-85-56 extensions 2286, 2271, 2276.
– Booking amount exceeded: please contact o al 2915-85-56 extensions 2286, 2271, 2276.

21) What are the working hours of the Full Container Gate?

Working hours for full containers are Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Working hours for reception of papers are until 10:30 p.m. on week days and until 14:30 on Saturdays. No more ins or outs will be processed after these hours.
You have the possibility to request a time extension as described below in 22.

22) How do I request a time extension to enter or retrieve full containers after regular working hours?

You have to request an extension via e-mail (to the addresses listed below) Monday through Friday before 6 p.m. and on Saturdays before 12 noon. Extensions may be cancelled without additional charges up to 3 hours before their starting time, by sending an e-mail to:
Extension requests must include the following information:
Imports (container/s going out of terminal)
– Container numbers
– Extension starting time
– Extension ending time
Exports (container/s coming into the terminal)
– Booking number
– Extension starting time
– Extension ending time

23) How do I schedule an OOG (over-dimensioned) container going in or coming out?

You must schedule it 24 working hours prior to bringing it in or out of the terminal, stating day and shift (7 a.m. to 3 p.m. or 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.) when the OOG container will come in or go out of the terminal (OOG -containers whose cargo exceeds a regular container’s standard width / length / height).
Hours for OOG in and out are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Please send an e-mail for scheduling OOGs to
Please include the following information in your mail:
– Marks/number of container(s) coming in or going out
– Day in/out
– Hour in/out
For incoming containers you must also inform the container’s over-dimensioned measurements.

24) From which shipping lines/agencies does TCP request the “paid up to date” document?

TCP must receive an EDI message from the agency stating that the container is “paid up to date”:
Aliança/CMA/Hamburg Sud/HMM/Maersk/MSC/ONE/Sealand/Zim
TCP checks the “paid up to date” certificates brought by the truck drivers picking up import containers from the following shipping

25) If I have specific questions about full containers in or out

Please call 2915-85-56 – extensions 2472 / 2297 (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.)

OPERATIONS - “A” ACCESS GATE (inside the port)
EXPORTS WITH CONTROL FROM THE MINISTRY OF LIVESTOCK, AGRICULTURE AND FISHING (MGAP): Please call 2915-85-56 – extensions 2472 / 2297 (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.)
WAREHOUSES OUTSIDE THE PORT AREA: Please call 2915-85-56 – extensions 2472 / 2297 (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.)
Department Head: 2915-85-56 – extension 2292. Only if needed, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

26) What information do I need to generate a Work Order (WO)?

For full containers in or out you will need to provide the following information: number and type of container, seal number, tare, and the TAX NUMBER (RUT) of your customs broker.
For full container intra terminal moves you will need to provide the following information: origin and destination of the unit, type of unit, ports where the ship will call, the truck driver’s ID number, license plate number for the truck and the trailer.

27) If I have to take a container to the scanner, can TCP generate the WO for me?

What information do you need?
Yes, TCP can issue the WO.
You need to provide the following information:
– Container number.
– Truck driver’s ID number.
– License plate numbers (truck and trailer)

28) Where do I send that information?

TCP Operations
TCP Customs
TCP Invoice

29) What are the Customs numbers for the different sectors in TCP?

– Full container yard: 1644
– Empty container yard: 1645
– Logistics Warehouse: 1668
– Replacement part Warehouse: 1669

30) Can my container still be loaded on the ship even if I did not do the Reshipment Simplified Message (MS)?

Yes, it can. If a container does not have the Reshipment Message, said message will be issued by our Customs Department. This document has a cost which will be invoiced to the Agency, who will, in turn, bill the customer.

31) Until what time can I generate the Reshipment Message?

Same as for operations, there is a cut off time for documents. This must be checked with the Customs Department at or by phone dialing 2915-85-56 extensions 2238/ 2240/ 2290.

32) Does TCP block stocks in Customs Lucía System?

Only Customs does the system blocking, not TCP

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