We have taken on the responsibility to make Montevideo the main logistics platform in the Southern Cone of America.  TCP is the only integrated specialized container terminal, operating at the port’s main quay-wall, with reefer facilities, empty container yard, full container yard, logistics warehouse, all updated to the high-level requirements of today´s international trade, combining the geopolitical situation and the institutional stability of Montevideo with the experience and resources of the Katoen Natie global network.

At Katoen Natie Terminal Cuenca del Plata we are building a terminal open to the world, ready for healthy competition, and in full view of our city. We are the result of a unique association between the Uruguayan Government and a successful international group with presence in 30 countries.

Berth and Container Yard Services

TCP has que quay-wall with the deepest draft and best equipped to handle containers in the River Plate; 638 meters in length with 7 gantry cranes, 4 of which are unique, with a 22-row reach, guaranteeing the operation of ships up to 18.000 TEU with high productivity.

Our container yard operates with straddle carriers, as do our ship loading/unloading operations.  This improves the efficiency of the operation, which translates in higher productivity.  Operating time at TCP to receive or deliver full export/import containers is only 13’ per truck.

Our refrigerated container station at the container yard has over 3.000 reefer plugs strategically located between the quay wall and the truck parking area to guarantee minimum time between the reefers being disconnected and connected in order to maintain the cold supply chain.


  • Loading/unloading container ships
  • Loading/unloading trucks and railroad
  • Connecting and monitoring refrigerated containers
  • Standard dry box, OOG and IMO container storage

Empty Container Yard, Container Maintenance and Repairs

TCP has the only empty container yard with an exclusive entrance in the Port of Montevideo, which, in turn, has the only IMO container cleaning facility within the port.  These two unique characteristics, plus the logistics warehouse, make TCP the only integrated terminal on the River Plate, positioning the terminal as a one-of-a-kind facility for the development of global logistics operations, where containers must not leave the port in their import cycle, because we offer high value-added efficiency to the Port/City relationship, and a higher flexibility for the logistics design of the companies operating in international trade.

The refrigerated container yard and our Maintenance and Repair Department have all the facilities, equipment and spare parts needed to offer all the scope of services required for containers to be maintained in good conditions. This guarantees local and regional exporters and importers that they will always receive units in perfect conditions for the transport of their valuable cargo and maintenance of the cold supply chain.


  • Empty container yard with a dedicated entrance.
  • Container maintenance and repair.
  • Loading/unloading of trucks and railroad.
  • Refrigerated container plugging, unplugging and monitoring.
  • Container cleaning facility.
  • The only IMO container cleaning facility in the Port of Montevideo.

Logistics Warehouse Services

TCP has the most modern logistics warehouse within the port of Montevideo. The warehouse has an under-roof area of 6.000 square meters and is equipped with next generation machinery, guaranteeing the highest standards in safety and the lowest possible environmental impact. TCP applies the know-how and the high standards of the Katoen Natie Group, a Belgian company specialized in high value-added logistics around the world at the service of our customers.

The customers of our logistics warehouse operate under the Free Port Regime, a valuable instrument for regional distribution operations as well as for free shops and domestic logistics, which can be achieved without having containers circulating around the city.  


  • Stripping and stuffing containers – Crossdocking
  • Storage
  • Repackaging
  • Labelling
  • Fractioning
  • Sorting and classifying

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