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Our company is committed and has taken full responsibility to develop the Port of Montevideo into the main logistics platform of the Southern Cone, managing and operating a specialized container terminal which can satisfy the ever-increasing demands of today’s international trade and transportation, combining the geopolitical and institutional advantages of the Port of Montevideo with the resources and experience of Katoen Natie’s global network.

The largest container vessels operating in the southern region of our continent berth at our terminal, where they find the level of excellence and efficiency that they require.

These vessels carry local cargo and also a large number of transshipment containers, which generate relevant business activity and employment in our country, while making Uruguay’s international trade more competitive.

At Katoen Natie Terminal Cuenca del Plata we are building a terminal open to the world, ready for healthy competition, and in full view of our city. We are the result of a unique association between the Uruguayan Government and a successful international group with presence in 30 countries.

The Company Bible

Our philosophy, policies, and best company practices all come together in the “Company Bible”. We believe that simplicity and intelligence are of vital importance for a growing and evolving organization. To us, healthy common sense, acute awareness of costs, and staying away from complicated systems and theories are a solid base for good management.

All this is described in our “bible”.  And this is what we strive for, every day.


Since the year 2001 we have been relentlessly working to make Katoen Natie Terminal Cuenca del Plata the main logistics support for maritime transport in our region.

Montevideo has both the geographic and administrative conditions to become the best gateway to the South of America.  Since 2001, the Port of Montevideo has had a specialized container terminal, an experienced container terminal operator and a global network committed to that end.

Thanks to the relevant investments in equipment and infrastructure and to our world class services, the percentage of transshipment containers has significantly increased in our port.

La combinación de las cargas de comercio exterior con las de tránsito y transbordo mantienen la masa crítica para hacer de Montevideo una opción muy atractiva para las empresas navieras.

Services offered by Katoen Natie Terminal Cuenca del Plata cover the needs of the shipping lines, also guaranteeing:

  • Flexibility
  • Reliable berthing windows
  • Quality services
  • High productivity

This is why Montevideo serves as a hub for cargo originating in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Southern Brazil.

Integrated Management System

Our Integrated Management System is LSQA certified (Latu Systems Quality Austria).

The implementation and certification process of our integrated management (IMS) system began in 2003, with the obtention of our quality certificate. Currently our terminal has been certified by LATU SISTEMAS in compliance with international standards ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety), and is soon to be certified under the standard ISO 45001.

Our IMS uses the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle or Deming cycle as an improvement tool for process adjusting and updating.

The culture of the continuous pursuit of quality implemented by Katoen Natie has been a solid basis to support policies and plans focused on achieving the satisfaction of all the parties involved; the commitment of our people, the decision-making process based on statistics, data, facts, and our open communication policy, all serve as a sound platform to sustain these pillars.

The certification of our IMS has been a first in port activities in our country and has made a profound change in the new labor and service standards in the local market.

Occupational Health and Safety

Success is based in sharing the culture of safety and in the participation of ALL our people

KATOEN NATIE’s global experience and the constant evaluation of risks in the workplace are key to help our programs to eliminate, mitigate, control risks and protect our people, improving occupational health and safety.

This is a plus at the time to deploy strategies, procedures, programs and control measures that encompass both our internal activities as well as third party activities (subcontractors, visitors, etc.).

These concepts related to our Labor Safety System (LSS) have been included in work manuals and procedures for all our processes, to ensure the efficient application of control and preventive measures wherever they are needed, to comply with the policies and objectives of our LSS, and with the applicable legal and administrative requirements.

The company has made significant investments in infrastructure (medical practice, restrooms, showers, locker rooms, resting lounges and mess halls) and is constantly renewing personal protection equipment.

Concerning occupational health, we have an on-site medical practice and a specialized occupational medicine team to reinforce the preventive aspects of our well-being.


Katoen Natie Terminal Cuenca del Plata is active with sustainable economic development.

Corporate Social Responsibility – To us CSR is a fundamental pillar on which we work daily in four areas: health and sports, education, environment and culture, all of which are included in our Katoen Natie Community program.

This program is strongly focused on achieving a better quality of life for those who live and work within the circle of influence of our terminal.

In this sense, we support and collaborate with different projects, lending our help to sports institutions, educational institutions, groups of neighbors and cultural organizations in the area.

At the same time, we never cease in our efforts to minimize environmental impact with recycling campaigns, waste reduction, etc.


Promoting gender equality

Katoen Natie Terminal Cuenca del Plata is signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles included in the Win-Win program implemented by UN Women in association with the International Labor Organization, whose objective is to promote gender equality in the private sector.

These Principles, created by UN Women and the UN Global Compact, give companies an opportunity to adopt policies and invest in the promotion of gender equality in the workplace, production chains, and entire communities.

The Environment

“Speed is irrelevant if you are going in the wrong direction” (Mahatma Gandhi)

This quote from Mahatma Gandhi is one of many included in our company Bible, and our guiding motto for the development of our sustainability and environmental policies.

At Katoen Natie Terminal Cuenca del Plata we are committed with the Sustainable Development Goals set forth in 2015 by the UN.

In following these goals, we have developed programs which strive to attain them; programs that are inserted in our sustainability strategies, which, given a transversal focus, have become an essential part of our operations in the Port of Montevideo, and of the philosophy of Katoen Natie International Group.

Below are some of our programs:

  • Solid waste management based on classification, recycling, compacting and/or treatment – Green Area
  • Water management, making people aware of the relevance of our “Here starts the sea” program, contention of spills and a water treatment plant.
  • Reduce paper waste.
  • Reduce battery use.
  • Smart energy use.

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